GeoTide: Videos

Demonstration Videos

These videos show the GeoTide V3 package in action, from importing real tide gauge data, displaying graphs and tables, to calculating LAT.


Click on each video text (in blue) to download it. Some of the files are quite large so you may have to wait a minute or two for them to download. Then click the options in your web-browser to run the file. These files are in Microsoft AVI format and can be viewed with Windows Media Player and most other video AVI players.


  1. Importing Tide Gauge Data
  2. Editing and Checking Tide Gauge Data
  3. Analysing and Saving Harmonic Constants
  4. Prediction Graphs and Tables using GeoTide Predictor
  5. Report: Statistics of Predictions, Residual &Tidal Levels
  6. Displaying a Spectrum

The videos show every step involved from importing and editing real tide gauge data - to creating a tide table. We suggest you watch the videos in the order shown.