Tides: Overview

Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, River Thames, London, UK Tower Bridge, River Thames, London, UK

GeoTide used for Tidal Analysis in City of London &Thames Estuary, UK


Tidal Analysis & Prediction

GeoTide can predict the tide at any location for which you have historical tidal data.

Using GeoTide the hydrographer can carry out tidal harmonic analysis quickly and easily in an intuitive way.

And our Windows program GeoTide Predictor is included, providing comprehensive graphing and tide-table publishing facilities, and can be installed on a harbour pilot vessel etc.

GeoTide is used by The Port of London Authority to predict the tide at Tower Bridge in the City of London (above), just down the River Thames from the Houses of Paliament. More...

Data Logging

TideReach displays and stores real-time tidal data. Creating real-time displays as graphs or numerical text is easy with TideReach, whether on a PC screen or web site. All you need is a standard web-hosting service to provide great looking tidal graphs to all your users - whether on PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. More...

Surge Prediction

Our surge predictor, TideReachSP, is designed for operations in coastal and estuary locations and uniquely learns from previous tidal measurements, displaying its predictions in the office and on the web. More...

Bespoke Software

We have developed numerous add-ons to our basic software products for writing, browsing and displaying tidal data stored on databases etc More....