GeoTide: Specification


Duration: 1 Month to 18 Years

Intervals: Regular / Irregular (may include gaps)
Source: Automated Tide Gauge / Spreadsheet / Text File

Tidal Data: 1D / 2D (Streams)

ASCII User Definable Input Format

Points Editor: Graphical with zoom, resizable window, mouse point selection.

Point Deletion by Point and Click Lasso Box

Data Filtering & Glitch Removal: By value, slope, block, interval, averaging.
Number of input points: Unlimited

Dynamic Cursor Readout


Harmonic Constituent Analysis: By Matrix Inversion or Least Squares Iteration

Constituent Sets:

UKHO: Simplified - including Non-linear F4 and F6 Constituents

UKHO: TotalTide

NOAA: 1 to 6 Month, NOAA 6 Month+

Geotide: 1 to 3 Months, 3 to 6 Month, 6 Month to 1 Year, 1Year+

User Definable

Constituents: Individual or Lumped Groups

Lunar Nodal Modulation Components -: Included

Shallow Water Coefficients: Algebraic or Harmonic Methods

Number of Tidal Constituents: Unlimited

Encryption of Harmonic Constants

Power Spectrum Display: using Complex Digital Fourier Transform

Operational Audit Log


Graphics: Resizable, Zoomable, Draggable, Configurable*

Tables: HO Style, High & Low Tides, Hourly Tides, Configurable*

Day & Month names: User Definable *

Tidal Location Names: Support for non-Western Scripts (e.g. Arabic).

Tide Table Formats: HTML, PDF*

List or Export: High or Low Tides, Tide at Regular Intervals, Highest and Lowest 'N' Exceptional Tides, Lunar Phases, Sunrise-Sunset Times

Location Map


User Manuals

Interactive Help File

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Versions XP, 7 (32/64), 8 (32/64)


* Notes

PDF: Output Requires 3rd Party PDF Printer Driver

Configurations can be hidden from the general operator.

Map: Requires access to internet.







Brochure [.pdf]