GeoTide: Analyzer


GeoTide Analyzer converts tide-gauge data into harmonic constants by a process known as Harmonic Analysis.


Once carried out, GeoTide can then make an unlimited number of tidal predictions for that location.


GeoTide Analyzer can also calculate the Tidal Levels (e.g LAT and HAT) from the harmonic constants.


The harmonic analysis process is fast, taking less than one minute for over a million points.


Basic Features

  • Tide Gauge Data Import Facility
  • Imports Tidal Height or Tidal Stream data
  • Graphical Points Editor
  • Harmonic Constituents:
  • Schemes Supplied NOOA, UKHO Simplified, UKHO TotalTide, GeoTide
  • Automated Glitch Point Identification and Deletion
  • Single Click Analysis
  • Residual Error Plot: Observed Minus Predicted
  • Handles Millions of Points - Over 18 Years of Data
  • Handles Gaps in Data
  • Single Click Report Facility
  • Tidal Levels
  • ASCII Listing of Harmonic Constants



    Advanced Features

  • User Definable Constituents
  • User Definable Constituent Sets Groups
  • User Definable Constituent Groups
  • Support for Large Constituent Sets
  • Low Pass Filter / Moving Averaging
  • Identification of Rogue Points
  • Advanced Tools
  • Tidal Exceedance Probability
  • Tidal Prism Spectral Analyzer
  • Helps Identify & Add Missing Constituents






    Brochure [.pdf]