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Tides are our Business

Our customers - like those above - use our tidal analysis package GeoTide to create their own accurate tidal predictions. GeoTide is used by hydrographic offices and port authorities world-wide.

Reliable tidal predictions reduce vessel waiting times and improve vessel throughput, directly benefiting port & harbour authorities & shipping companies.

GeoTide converts your tide gauge data into harmonic constants, instantly creating accurate tables and graphs of tidal predictions.

For marine survey, GeoTide also calculates Tidal Levels, MSL, LAT, HAT, MLW etc. These contours are essential for safe Navigation, and as legal boundaries for access/fishing rights, ownership and fishery protection e.g. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).


GeoTide's analysis report also provides statistical measures such as flood-return-period, exceedence probability and variation in Mean Sea Level, for studies of flood risk and climate change.

Our Windows application TideReach can relay the tide and surge predictions in real-time to web-enabled smartphones, PC's and LAN connected monitors.

We also offer in-house services for Tidal Analysis & Prediction (with fast turn around), and Expert Witness Legal Services on tidal matters.