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Chittagong Port Authority Sharpness Port, UK

Tides are our Business: Our customers - like those above - use our tidal analysis package GeoTide to create their own accurate tidal predictions. GeoTide is used by hydrographic offices and port authorities world-wide.

Reliable tidal predictions reduce vessel waiting times and improve vessel throughput, directly benefiting port & harbour authorities & shipping companies.

With GeoTide you can convert your tide gauge data into accurate tidal predictions.

For marine survey, GeoTide, also calculates the Tidal Levels - these contour levels are used to manage flood risk, for the Safety of Navigation, and to define legal boundaries for access/fishing rights, ownership and fishery protection e.g. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

And finally our application TideReach can relay the tide and surge predictions in real-time to smartphones, PC's and LAN connected monitors.

We also offer in-house services for