Consulting Services: Tidal Analysis

We offer a rapid in-house tidal analysis service.

Send us your tide gauge data by email and, if the data is sutable, we can derive the following from your data.

  • Tidal Prediction Graphs (pdf)
  • Tidal Prediction ASCII Listings
  • Tide Tables (pdf)
  • Tidal Levels (pdf)
  • Harmonic Constants IHO / UKHO / NOAA
  • Statistical Report of Prediction and Residual (pdf)
  • Flood-return period in years for a given height of sea-defence (png)
  • Height of sea-defence for a given flood-return period in years (png)
  • A linear regression least square fit of log10( flood-return yrs) v height (m) (png)

We can import virtually any tide gauge data and handle all database formats.


We quality check and de-glitch your data before carrying out the analysis.

You can rely on our knowledge, diligence, care and experience to provide you with a high quality output.

If you need our tidal-analysis services or want to dicsuss your requirements please contact us.