Geomatix: Tides are our Speciality

Our premier tidal product GeoTide is used by hydrographic offices, port authorities & shipping companies world-wide to create accurate tidal predictions.

GeoTide converts your tide gauge data into tide tables and graphs which, together with the harmonic constants, are all free of external copyright.

Accurate in-house tide-tables can promote your harbour while reducing vessel waiting times and improving throughput.

For marine survey, GeoTide also calculates Tidal Levels, MSL, LAT, HAT, MLW etc. These contours are essential for safe Navigation, and as legal boundaries for access/fishing rights, ownership and fishery protection e.g. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

New!! GeoTide now also calculates the flood return period (e.g once in 200 years) versus sea-defence height; specifically designed for coastal planning and flood mitigation studies.

We also offer in-house services for Tidal Analysis & Prediction, and Expert Witness Legal Services on tidal matters.


GeoTide is used to determine the tidal harmonic constants for tidal stations on the River Thames and in the Thames Estuary by The Port of London Authority; these constants are then used by the UKHO as the official tidal constants in Admiralty Publications e.g. NP201.