Shipping: Harmonic Analysis

Chittagong Harbour uses GeoTide, Bangladesh Sharpness Dock uses Geomatix, UK

Shipping requires voyage planning and is dependant upon availability of docking facilities. Therefore tidal prediction is highly relevant to maritime operations. Tidal predictions are vital for timing harbour and lock gate access, for ensuring adequate under keel clearance in harbour approaches, and for ensuring tidal streams are favourable, thereby saving fuel. For Port and Harbour Authorities accurate tidal predictions reduce vessel waiting times and improve vessel throughput, directly benefiting port operations. And for Hydrographic Offices tidal predictions are vital for ensuring harbour safety.


GeoTide creates tidal predictions from tide-gauge data, but you must first have accurate tide-gauge records. Although for a temporary survey it maybe possible to use tide-gauge data of one month, we recommend greater durations for HO and Port operations, preferably one year or longer.


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