TideReach Surge Predictor

Display Surge Prediction in Real Time

Tidal surges disrupt normal vessel operations and occurare more frequently then people think. Around the coast of the UK, tidal surges of one or even two meters occur several times per year in many locations. No matter how accurate tidal predictions are, the mariner always needs to know the state of the tide in real-time. This is because, in addition to the normal tide, there are often tidal surges which are caused by atmospheric pressure and wind. And being caused by weather, tidal surges are difficult to predict and unlike the normal tide cannot be tabulated in advance.

TideReachSP is designed for ports which suffer from tidal surges, predicting maximum surge conditions as the tide rises.

  • Predict the Time & Height of Surge
  • Display Predictions on Web and Local Area Networks
  • Designed for ports where tidal surges are significant e.g. in estuaries, channels and rivers

With TideReachSP surge predictions are possible up to 2 hours before high water, helping the harbourmaster to safely manage approaching vessels.

Depending upon the local situation, in some places the arrival of an early tide means a vessel may miss an access window. In others an early or late tide affects harbour operations as a vessel may not have sufficient under-keel clearance or overhead bridge clearance.

TideReachSP helps the harbourmaster avoid these situations.

TideReachSP operates by examining the shape and timing of the rising tidal curve and comparing it with previous outcomes.

Read Paper presented to 58th Marine Measurement Forum Sept 2016 Plymouth Marine Laboratory UK

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