XYit: Overview


With XYit you can digitize the xy co-ordinates of points & lines within digital images, enabling you to capture, readout and save their original XY values. And now in version 3 you can do the reverse, plotting XY values back onto an image. XYit is a unique tool, with broad application in graphing, charting and mapping. If the points are too close they can be removed using our thinning (generalization) algorithm.



XYit offers manual digitizing facilities, an on-screen magnifier and an automatic digitizing algorithm which can follow and convert lines within an image. XYit incorporates comprehensive image calibration, so that even if you image has been rotated, squashed or is not square, you can still accurately obtain the original xy values. XYit can handle dates, linear & logarithmic axes. The analysis tool provides the perimeter & area of a digitized line, while the statistical tool measures aspects such as standard deviation and mean. If your line is not continuous, you can scan your image looking for pixels of certain colors. Both automated line following & scanning operate with either the RGB or CMYK model, in which a tolerance color range figure may be set.



XYit can be used to digitize grid maps such as UK Ordnance Survey. In the marine field XYit can handle nautical charts in Mercator projection, directly returning latitude and longitude to the clipboard. Its unique length / area tool can be used to measure field perimeter and area for building plots etc. ideal for making maps of proposed routes for reports, or for automated graph plotting to a pre-existing image. More..


Science & Engineering

XYit can be used for digitizing scientific & engineering graphs with linear, logarithmic or date axes.


Finance and Economics

With XYit you can read out the financial values from any financial or economic chart. More..