Tidal Surge Predictor

Real-Time Surge Predictor

TideSockSP predicts the stide in a totally new way.


Unlike conventional tidal prediction, TideSockSP predicts surges and late or early tides in real-time, helping in the operational management of vessel movements.


The height of the tide is determined, not just by astronomical factors such as the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, but also by adverse meteorological conditions, such as the wind and the weather. When adverse weather prevails, the tide can arrive early or late or even undercut or exceed the predictions from the national Hydrographic Office (HO) .


TideSock's heuristical predictions differ from conventional astronomical tidal predictions since they effectively take into account the effects of weather.


In practice, a harbourmaster tries to synchronise the arrival of a vessel with the tide; so as to maximise clearance for entry into lock gates, under bridges or to minimse any tidal stream current while the vessel is manoeuvring into dock. This is particularly the case in estuaries where the tidal range and stream speeds are greater. When a tide unexpectedly "undercuts" due to meteorological conditions, a vessel may have to be turned away rather than risking it grounding on the lock gate sill. During a period of approaching neap tides, as each successive high tide becomes smaller than the previous one, the vessel may not even be able to access the harbour for many days, resulting in further delay and expenditure.


TideSockSP operates by comparing the shape and height of the tidal curve with the expected curve. In this way, it inherently takes into account meteorological surges and variations as the tide comes in; eliminating the guesswork regarding the time and height of high water.


Typically with TideSockSP, heuristical predictions are possible up to 2 hours before the high water occurs, providing valuable advanced guidance as to whether a vessel can safely approach and dock, or whether it must be turned away.


Additionally,TideSock interactively displays the predicted and observed tide both on in-house networks and on the web and smart-phones.


It is currently being tested in Sharpness, the most inland harbour in the UK in the upper reaches of the River Severn, a location where the duration of the tidal entry window is very short.


TideSockSP - A Revolutionary Method for Tidal Prediction.
Dr S E Taylor. MD. Geomatix Ltd. UK. January 2016