TideSock - Database and Display Module

TideSock acts as a data logger displaying real-time data to the screen and writing it to a database.


Typical examples of the displays are shown above. Each display label is highly configurable, in terms of size, colour and data channel for display. This means you can make up a complete screen showing tidal and met data - suitable for display in operations rooms on large LCD monitor screens.


Gathering data from a TCP/IP winsock or RS232 NMEA serial port, TideSock can be configured to output the data to a database or to a text display or both. Multiple copies of the module may be deployed over a network to enable the creation of repeater tide-gauge displays. TideSock also has the ability to operate over wireless networks e.g. IEEE 802.11b/g.


Using a highly versatile configuration file, TideSock reads and writes user specifiable input fields, databases, tables, columns and fieldnames, and has multi-input channel capability as well as incorporating comprehensive error checking and error logging facilities.


TideSock, when used together with dbWebDisplay, serves as a combined data logger and web upload system - providing a continuous display of tidal (and any other information) both within your organisation on its internal network and to the world wide web for your web site visitors at all times.


A selection of screen shots are shown below.