Tidal Surge Predictor

Tidal surges can disrupt normal vessel operations. TideReachSP is designed for ports which suffer from tidal surges, handling surge prediction in a totally new way.


TideReach can :-

  • Predict the Height of Tidal Surges
  • Predict the Time of Surge Tides
  • Learn from Past Tides
  • Take into account Adverse Weather
  • Continuously upload a Website Graph to display on desktop, tablets and smartphones.

Designed for estuarine and river ports where surges are significant, TideReach predicts tidal surges in real-time, helping in the management of vessel operations.


In practice, a harbourmaster at an inland port tries to synchronise the arrival of a vessel with high tide; thereby maximising under-keel clearance at the lock-gates, and enabling a vessel to manoeuvre at slack high-tide. When a tide unexpectedly "undercuts", a vessel may have to be turned away rather than risking grounding on the lock-gate sill.


With TideReachSP predictions are possible up to 2 hours before high water, helping you to decide in advance whether a vessel can safely approach and dock.


TideReachSP operates by examining the shape and timing of the rising tidal curve, eliminating the guesswork regarding the expected time and height of high water.


Read Full Paper presented to 58th Marine Measurement Forum Sept 2016, Plymouth Marine Laboratory UK