Our modular TideReach system receives, stores, displays and uploads real-time tidal and met data. Gathering data from your serial or network port, TideReach creates good looking displays over LAN or on your web site.

  • Displays anywhere on PC, Tablet or SmartPhone
  • No need for server-side technology or browser plug-ins.
  • Uses standard web-hosting service.
  • Optional Surge Predictor Module TideReachSP

Typical examples of the displays are shown above. Each display label is highly configurable, in terms of size, colour and data channel for display. This means you can make up a complete screen showing tidal and met data - suitable for display in operations rooms on large LCD monitor screens.


Gathering data from a TCP/IP winsock or RS232 NMEA serial port, TideReach can be configured to output the data to a database or to a text display or both. Multiple copies of the module may be deployed over a network to enable the creation of repeater tide-gauge displays. Using a highly versatile configuration system,TideReach also has the ability to operate over wireless networks e.g. IEEE 802.11b/g.


TideReach is designed for you to provides a continuous display of your nformation to your organisation and to the world via your web-site.


In order to operate TideReach requires real-time data is supplied to the computer on which it runs. More..