GeoTide: Predictor

GeoTide Predictor Screen


GeoTide Predictor creates high quality tidal predictions.


GeoTide Analyzer and Predictor both share the same tidal prediction engine and so always produce exactly the same predictions.


However the Predictor is specifically designed to handle layout and format, producing tidal output in both printed and electronic form.


When you click a displayed tidal location, the Predictor automatically loads the tidal constants files produced by GeoTide Analyzer for that place.


Predictor can produce three main types of output:- Graphics, ASCII Text, and Web-Ready (HTML).



  • Graphical Output of 1 - 50 days
  • Identification of High and Low tides
  • Tidal Streams (1 or 2 Dimension)
  • Under Keel Clearance
  • Passage Times


  • Height of Tide at regular intervals
  • High and Low Tides
  • Stream Speed / Velocity
  • Slack Tide and Fastest Tide
  • Extreme Highest and Lowest Tides
  • Passage Times

Web / HTML

  • Tables of High and Low Tides
  • Number of Months per Table
  • Number of Columns
  • Configurable Text Headings
  • Configurable Font

The tide-tables are suitable for posting via FTP, or for inclusion in a web-site using your preferred web authoring tool. Specification...