Geomatix: Products



Our premier tidal Harmonic Analysis & Prediction package.



Our new tide gauge data logger also uploads web graphs and provides local displays.



Creates graphs of predicted and observed tide for local harbourmasters and also uploads to web if required. Provides an scrollable graphical interface for the operator to examine past records. Operates in real-time.



Continually reads tidal data from a database to create web graphs and text displays, operating in real-time 24/7.



Our electronic chart conversion system converts data into fishing chart overlays which work on most major fishing plotters.



Complimentary downloads FREE OF CHARGE which we hope you will enjoy.

Currently these are a tidal-predictor, XY-Digitizer, Datum-Converter and NMEA0183-WGS84-Signal-Emulator.

All we ask in return is that you provide us with a little publicity by acknowledging Geomatix on your website or via social media.