KisProc Chart Layer

If you want to distribute chart data to mariners with an emphasis on maximizing distribution rather maximizing revenue, then our 'KisProc Chart Layer Production System' could be the answer you are looking for.

Even though Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs) are becoming commonplace, incorporating your data within someone else's ENC is fraught with difficulty because ENCs are locked by their manufacturers with user licence codes.

However there is an alternative route.

Most commercial marine plotters, in addition to displaying a base chart, also provide a user layer for information display. Our KisProc system uniquely uses this marine plotter user layer, rather than using the base chart itself.

With our simple kisProc Chart Layer Production Tool, you can get your data on-bridge on-board many vessels at virtually no cost.

And you can release your updates at any time directly to your target vessels without being locked in to an ENC or plotter manufacturer.

Marine plotters currently supported include MaxSea, Sodena, Transas, Chartworx Quod, TheMap, Trax, Northrop Grumman - Sperry Marine Decca Fishmaster, Penta, Sea Information Systems SIS Microplot 7 and FishSAFE, C-Map and Olex with support for more plotters being added all the time.

KisProc was originally devised for the Sea Fish Industry Authority and is regularly used by their Kingfisher Charts Division to provide fishermen with six monthly updates of their Offshore Renewable Cable Awareness Charts and their FishSAFE: Oil & Gas Fishing Plotter Files.

The chart overlays are installed on-board more than 350 fishing vessels, providing vital safety information and ensuring skippers do not accidentally damage subsea installations when trawling.

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