Plotter Compatible Chart Overlays



KisProc Charts

KisProc is a unique way to freely release chart data directly to mariners.



Fishing Vessel "Maggie M" departs Whitby Harbour in North Yorkshire, UK, with Kingfisher Charts onboard - produced using our KisProc system.


Specifically designed to get important safety information to mariners and display it on-board, our KisProc system produces electronic chart overlays which are compatible with many popular marine plotters.

The KisProc system also provides an output to to FishSAFE (left), an electronic warning device, see company milestones.

The choice of chart overlays as a distribution mechanism, rather than using a base chart offers KisProc certain distinct advantages.

It means that a fisherman can still use his existing plotter base chart, such as S57 ENC, UKHO ARCS, CMAP, Livechart or Transas, and he can also view his own fishing operations layer while at the same time viewing the new KisProc produced layer.

And it also means you can update the data whenever you wish, bypassing involvement with a base chart manufacturer and their security system.

Furthermore, the small binary file size enables charts to be easily delivered by CD, memory stick, internet download or email.

KisProc currently supports more than ten different plotter types with more plotter types being added all the time.