Customised EXE Apps: GeoTide Predictor+

Create Web Graphs of Predicted and Observed data.

This add-on to our popular GeoTide Predictor program displays observed tide-data from your in-house database as well as its usual tidal prediction curve. GeoTide Predictor+ also uploads this graph image to your web site.



The upload control panel is very similar to dBWebDisplay with which it shares a common software module. It includes database settings, SQL Query, and optional html code. All graph colours, and tick parameters are user configurable. The text display layout and format incorporate numerical formatting uses Microsoft Excel style format strings, while the web coding can use any type of HTML, HTML5 or XHTML with CSS3 style options. See dBWeb. for a detailed specification of upload parameters.


The graphical display can also be dragged left and right so GeoTide Predictor+ can be used to graphically browse historical tidal data stored in your database.