Consulting Services

Tidal Analysis

If you are looking for someone to carry out your tidal analysis work then you need look no further. We can do this for you in-house, quickly and provide you with a personal service. More..

Bespoke Tidal Software

We can offer bespoke tidal software as modifications of our base products. See Predictor+ and dBWeb.

Datum Conversions

one meter contours in the Wash UK
If you need help in converting positions between different coordinates systems we can help - converting plans, converting coordinate lists, or even providing customised versions of our DatumPro software application. More..

Product Design

We can provide you with engineering and management expertise directed towards finding solutions in feasibility, specification, and product development. More..


We provide training courses in tidal analysis and prediction. More..


Contour Chart Produced by Geomatix of Wash UK

Chart Overview of Wash Estuary UK. If you have depth survey data and would like to present the data as maps and charts we can create suitably coloured contour maps in numerous document formats.

Fishery Chart Overlays

Our fishing charts were developed for the UK Seafish Industry Authority and regularly used by the UK fishing fleet. See Fishing Charts

Legal Services

Our legal services are available in tidal hydrography, mapping and positioning; helping to provide scientific clarity to the court. We have recently acted as expert witness in both fisheries protection and coastal boundary disputes. Testimonials can be provided.